Great multi-purpose products

Double-ended Felt Pen

This multi-purpose felt pen is our favourite. With a long point at one end and a short one at the other, this Tombow black brush pen is hugely versatile and makes wonderfully smooth strokes both thick or thin. Perfect for drawing, sketching or mark making, it’s also marvellous for mixed media. Acid free as well.

Brown Paper Pad

Always thrown by blank paper? This Clairefontaine Kraft pad contains subtle fawn paper with a gentle rib design, presenting you with an interesting surface to work on immediately. The absorbent pages accept all sorts of media. A5 size, 100 sheets, 90 gsm, PEFC certified.

Twist-up Tube

Carry your art cleanly and safely. This tough transportation tube has an ingenious ratchet twist top to extend its length and yet still stay rigid. Twist the top up or twist it down and it holds firmly in place. Measures 35 mm wide and lengthens from 20-35 cms. Ideal for pencils or paintbrushes too. (NB Price per tube, contents not included.)

Black Viewfinder

Break down complex compositions with a viewfinder, helpful for sweeping landscapes and even simple still-lifes. Or use it as an ‘image capture frame’ to scale up visuals or isolate small interesting sections of large images. Supple black film frame with a squared up grid. If you head out on field trips, tape it to a small piece of transparent acrylic to make it firmer. 14 x 10.5 cms.

Transparent Compartment Box

Ideal for storing or transporting gloriously smudgy
art sticks like wax crayons, chalks, pastels and charcoals,
this plastic box is feather-light and has 5 compartments
and flip-up lids. (NB Inside products not included.) 10 x  9 cms.

Pencil Holder

Standing well back from your drawing helps the eye to assess the whole image as you work and improves proportions. Super light with an oiled nickel ferrule and natural handle, this clever extender holds a 4B pencil – simply pop in at the top and push up the sliding ring. Wrap a little masking tape around the bottom of thinner pencils and it holds those too. 115 mm.

Red & Black Badge

Unique negative style grey and black sew-on badge with a red overlocked border. Add a bold artistic statement to jackets, jeans, art bags and haversacks, or use it in textile creations.
7 x 5 cms.

Kneadable Rubber

A useful addition for any art bag, Honsell’s kneadable rubber is soft and pliable but strong at erasing and editing marks. A flexible companion for pencils, graphite, charcoal and chalk pastel – shifts oil pastel too.

It measures 50 x 35 x 10mm and weighs just 22g.

Grey Sketchbook

This chunky little sketchbook is surprisingly light, and slips easily into pockets and bags. It has dappled grey pages perfect for highlights and lowlights, plus an open thread spine allowing pages to lie flat for drawing right across the spread. Great for atmospheric landscapes and tonal cityscapes. A6 size (measures only 2 x 10.5 x 14 cms), 120 sheets, 100 gsm.