“We believe everyone is creative and that being artistic, in whatever sphere you enjoy, makes people happy. Adding a few minutes of creativity to your daily life is truly thrilling, promotes wellbeing and brings a profound sense of fulfilment. Every personal journey starts with a small step, so try one of our tips today and nudge your way to a happier life.”


Clare Brittain-Catlin spent 20 years in publishing and then did an Arts Foundation where she explored portrait painting, printing, ceramics, textiles, book art and sculpture. Building on techniques learnt over many years from other courses and evening classes, she was drawn to the exciting and forgiving world of mixed media. Nowadays her work often includes the use of found objects, as well as ordinary household products taken straight from cupboards and drawers.
   During her course, Clare was struck by the inventive ideas of fellow students and their willingness to share findings. This open friendly way of learning now lies at the heart of Art Sharp, which is aimed at anyone keen to enjoy their creativity and take it to the next level.

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